Community Supported Agriculture Shares

The Eco Learning Center provides you with an opportunity to invest in yourself, your community, and your bio-region.

The cost of an annual subscription is equal to this year's budget divided by the number of members. The expenses will cover the cost of production and building the soil ecosystem.

Your investment of $400 per share will benefit you/your family with a fair portion of naturally grown produce weekly, provide a hands-on experience in developing a sustainable model, and support the non-profit mission of the Eco Learning Center.

Cultivating an authentic food system is one aspect. We are continually learning about growing healthy soil and nutritious vegetables.

Join us and you will not only be supporting regional agriculture, but also enjoying a share of the harvest.

Contact Jayne Leatherman-Walker at 231-620-4775 for information about becoming a member.

See our CSA page for more details.