Eco Learning Center

10277 Bingham Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: (231) 620-4775

For More Information Contact:
Jayne Leatherman-Walker

To preserve a sustainable oasis as a demonstration
project and learning center for ordinary people
exploring solutions to the tasks of creating a
land-based culture.

This is one of a growing number of models of experiential education. The Center is a framework for exploration. The project is a work in progress as learners discover and build on their understanding of an Earth-centered culture. The Site is therefore an environment which provides the grounds for experience. Living within the ecosystem's own guidlines, the Center encourages a focus on the harmless integration of human activities into the natural world while supporting the learner's sensitivity for what it means to be "sustainable." Students will explore food, shelter, economics (gainful employment), community and a healthy and joyful life.

To acknowledge the natural world as "teacher."
To observe and understand our relationship with the earth and to live within these bounds and teach others to do the same.


Ndibendaagwaz - an Odawa name meaning "I belong" to the Earth- represents our
desire to reconnect and remember where we come from.


Board of Directors

Jayne Leatherman Walker
-Interim Treasurer

-Vice President
- vacant

Jeff Anderson

Doug Murray

Chris Grobbel

Michelle Moore


Jayne Leatherman Walker
-Director/ Educator

Dede Cronin
-Instructor, Drumming Workshops

Pamela Dueweke
-Garden Goddess Sculpture Facilitator

General Counsel

Olson, Noonan & Bzdok, P.C.