Eco Learning Center

10277 Bingham Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49684
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For More Information Contact:
Jayne Leatherman-Walker

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) brings together community members. farmers, and land in a relationship of mutual support. It is a commitment that ensures the survival of local agriculture today, and for future generations.

Ndibendaagwaz - an Odawa name meaning "I belong" to the Earth- represents our desire to reconnect and remember where we come from. It is also an extraordinary CSA looking for members willing to roll up their sleeves and help build a model of an eco-learning center.

Participants can expect to:

  • Become members of a unique community
  • Help plant seeds and seedlings
  • Enjoy weekly produce from June to October
  • Learn the how-tos of sustainability from seasoned growers
  • Participate in 4 hours of service a month
  • Share your farm experience with others
  • Celebrate the season, the harvest, and the community in on-site events

This is an investment in yourself, your community, and your bio-region. The cost of an annual subscription is equal to this year's budget divided by the number of members. The expenses will cover the cost of production, building the soil ecosystem, and a start on a drip irrigation system. Your investment of $400 per share will benefit you/your family with a fair portion of the naturally grown produce weekly, provide a hands-on experience in developing a sustainable model, and support the non-profit mission of the Eco-Learning Center.

A farming budget requires that many expenditures be made at the beginnig of the year. Promotion, seed, soil amendments, and equipment repairs are current expenses. Your financial support now is an important first step in the growing of the produce you will receive. Your membership commitment is requested by March of each growing season. If you receive this information later, we are flexible. We have a payment schedule for those who need to make their commitments through installments. There are also alternatives to a full share if you are a summer resident, a student, or an elder. Sustainability is our goal which encompasses the economy of our community, therefore barter and negotiation are a consideration in the membership plan.

Production should fall within seasonal guidlines (June through October). As part of our adventure, we will attempt to extend seasons. Our growing methods are biological, and we are working towards organic certification.

You will be able to pick up your distribution at the Farm on harvest days. There will be an organizational meeting in the Spring.

For more information, contact
Jayne Leatherman-Walker

See our Farm Stand for current availability of product to non-CSA members.